SAYM has launched the initiative to assist our communities in this pandemic.


Lets take them of the Streets

Street children is a term for children experiencing homelessness who are living on the streets. We need to involve the community for the betterment of street children,.

Our agriculture programs

• Vegetable production • Small stock production • Agriculture on the job training • Water use • Soil management

Water and sanitation

• Drilling of boreholes • Hygiene user owner program • Construction of toilets • Fix water leakage

Southern African Youth Movement

Southern African Youth Movement


Southern African Youth Movement (SAYM) is non-profit organisation registered under the NPO Act of 1997 which is envisioned to be a leading provider of high quality youth development programs that are accredited based on international best practice and focused on getting the untapped talents of young people to be uncovered and used in the economic development of the country and the SADC region thus expanding a world of possibilities for young people. .


Southern African Youth Movement (SAYM) mission is be a youth development centre that provide high quality accredited training and serve as: > an applied research resource and information provider for the education and training community, > a leading contributor to professionalism in skills development of the previously disadvantaged young people, enabling them to contribute in playing a meaningful role in the reconstruction of South Africa and the SADC region, > a significant role player in meeting the human resource needs for social development and economic growth, that distinguishes itself by giving individualized instruction to connect to each youth particular level of development and matching its training with the learner’s unique gifts and talents.

- Expanding a World of Possibilities for Young People

Mr Muzwakhe Sigudhla - Executive Director

Mr. Alfred Muzwakhe Sigudhla has Spearheaded Southern African Youth Movement to its current reputational standing as credible leading youth NGO in South Africa and beyond. As a founder of the organisation he involved in quite a number of contract agreements, development of proposals, approaching donors, liaising with stakeholders and implementing the projects. He has travelled to more than 100 countries where he gained a wide exposure on leadership and management of NGOs Internationally. He provides leadership for SAYM’s day-to-day core business as he is responsible for overall strategic planning, financial management, organizational development, staff management, and program operations. He involves in strategy and planning: Develops and leads the strategy of the organization within the broad context of the local and national landscape by using performance measurements to guide strategic and operational decision-making. Mr. Alfred Muzwakhe Sigudhla served as Chairperson of the African Union Cluster for Social Affairs from 2009-2011. During his tenure with the African Union he coordinated meetings, commissioned researches and led the cluster for five years with commendable results. He continued to serve member of Economic, Social, and Cultural Council of the African Union from 2008 to 2012. He currently serve a focal youth person in SADC Council of NGOs. He is also national coordinator of Alliance of Youth NGOs affiliated to South African NGO coalition. He played a major role in conceptualization of the proposal awarded to SAYM in April 2012. During the last two years of managing the CWP program, Alfred played a key role, by managing to forge a number of partnerships for CWP, he involved in the overall management of the program; controlled the activities of the different managers operating under the program; planned, monitored and reported on the program, conducted meetings with Local Reference Committees and other stakeholders and reviewed the performance of SAYM management staff. .

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