Local celebs and SAYM donate food and seed parcels in EC

Covid-19 Updates

Local celebs and SAYM donate food and seed parcels in EC

Article courtesy of Health-E News.

The Southern African Youth Movement (SAYM) in collaboration with the Solidarity Fund visited the Eastern Cape to deliver food parcels and seeds. The Solidarity Fund is a government-administered fund aimed at assisting and supporting Covid-19 prevention.

Yesterday in Nyandeni Local Municipality in Libode, Eastern Cape, residents received much-needed food parcels as part of the Southern African Youth Movement’s Covid-19 food donation relief program. This food parcel donation was slightly different, as agricultural self-help was prioritised through the distribution of seedlings and food production support to Nyandeni residents. Along for the journey were celebrity ambassadors Israel Matseke-Zulu, Zenzo Ngqobe and Presley Chweneyagae. 

Mzwakhe Sigudla, executive director of the SAYM, said they have been active across the country, donating to a number of communities. Social and food security relief has been of increasing importance as the lockdown has continued. 

“People are sitting at home and they don’t have means to access food. We had to find a way to distribute items — under that we have a target of 150 000 households to cover nationwide. So far we are sitting at 6 000, and that is part of the reason why we are distributing,” Sigudla said.

SAYM looks at what types of interventions are necessary on a municipal level, especially about food security and poverty issues, and then fulfils vulnerable communities’ needs. 

“The strategy we use for food distribution is guided by the municipalities where we are in terms of the incident list,” he added.

“The food parcels we distribute come from many different partners, among those partners is the Solidarity Fund. In this case, the Solidarity Trust Fund has made an allocation,” added Sigudla.

The program will continue in the Elliotdale [Idutywa] and Lady Grey [Sengqu] communities.

Busting Covid-19 myths

Zenzo Ngqobe, well-known actor and ambassador of the SAYM, said this pandemic has had far-reaching consequences to household’s food security.

“We have been going around the provinces just to help the needy with food — so that people can try to survive, as we all know a lot of people are not working, a lot of people have lost their salaries and jobs. What we’re saying with this Covid-19 initiative is: ‘let’s come together and give each other a helping hand, and fight this virus.’”

 Another ambassador, actor Israel Motseke-Zulu who has been working with SAYM since 2006, said this campaign is about accelerating accurate Covid-19 messaging — especially for the youth.

“We also want to erase the stigma that this virus is for white people, or Chinese people and that it would never affect them. So, we are here to help them to understand that this virus affects all of us. It’s important for all of us to use sanitisers and masks, and also adhere to the rules by, mostly, staying at home,” he explained.

Zulu added: “And lastly, the most important thing is we have implemented a program of donating with seeds to those who have gardens in their homes so that they can plough, and access food in that way.” 

Gardening can be ‘soul-soothing’

Mayor Melusi Ngqondwana said Nyandeni Local Municipality is one of the poorest areas in the district, and is marred by unemployment, disease and a stagnant economy.

“I was thinking that the food parcel initiative is not going to take us far — especially not knowing when this lockdown will end,” Ngqodwana said.

He continues: “But part of the issue I was discussing with the management is giving people seedlings, as they are at home so that they start gardening. We can ensure they have vegetables in their homes in this way. Gardening can also be soul-soothing, since people are devastated by being at home.”

 The mayor further said that the municipality prides itself by doing things in an objective and honest manner, and there have been zero complaints about the way in which food and seed parcels were distributed.

“We engage with councillors and leaders in the communities. We encourage them to consult broadly with stakeholders. On behalf of the Nyandeni community, we would like to say thank you.”

“The door is open — even post-Covid-19. We want to have a lasting partnership with organisations, to better the lies of the people in Nyandeni ” said Ngqondwana. 

Seedlings bring joy

Health-e News spoke with one of the beneficiaries Nolulamile Mveli from Qhankqu Village in Libode, who said he had lost hope about receiving a food parcel.

“I am unemployed and before lockdown I was able to get small jobs but now I can’t go out and look for a job,” he explained.

The seedlings and food production support was important to Mveli, who believes that good food security practices, like subsistence farming, can be passed down to his children. 

“I am very happy that I also got the seedlings, I will encourage my five children to plant them. I also want to ask the mayor since he is here today to provide us with electricity. It’s been years waiting for electricity — we use paraffin lamps,” said Mveli.

Meanwhile, another Libode resident, Mhlinzeko Madwantsi, who also has five children said that the day was one of his happiest.  

“I didn’t expect a very poor man like me to be a beneficiary.  I find myself holding back tears. Thank you, Mayor.” — Health-e News

CEO Covid-19 Support in Klerksdorp

Covid-19 Updates

CEO Covid-19 Support in Klerksdorp

Actors Presley Chweneyagae and Israel Matseke-Zulu will today visit an old age-home in Klerksdorp, Northwest to support elderly citizens in the midst of the Coronavirus lockdown.

The two actors who both starred in Oscar-winning movie Tsotsi, will donate food and COVID19 essentials to Wheatlands Community Care for the Aged.

The Old-Age Home was identified after it approached the South African Youth Movement for assistance, which ropes their two Ambassadors. 

The Chweneyagae and Matseke-Zulu were doing the same in Alexandra yesterday on Monday where they delivered food parcels, sanitisers and masks to the the victims of shack fire in the areas and other deserving community members especially children. 

Chwenyagae who is the child of Northwest says: “It is always good to respond positively when called to action. The country and al of us are at the crossroads where we all need each other. I am even glad that alongside SAYM, we are also going to other provinces including where I come from Northwest.” 

The two artists are planning to take their goodwill to more provinces including Limpopo, KZN, Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga. 

“Our message is not different to the message by the President and government. People should take care of themselves. Wash your hands, sanitize, don’t leave home unless its necessary, avoid congested spaces. Its either that or you will be distant from us in a grave. We need to take this serious and lets support our elders who prone to Coronavirus infections and are the one dying more. But us as youth are the foot soldiers who should advocate for the the infections curve to be flattened,” said Matseke-Zulu who is also a musician going the name of GP-MaOrange. 

The visit to Klerksdorp is as follows: 

Date: 21 April 2020 
Venue: Wetlands Community Care for the Aged, 
Road no.2 Plot 91
Wheatland, Randfontein.
Time: 12h00 

For interviews and more information contact:
Boikhutso Masipa on 0818451153


Covid-19 Updates


Actors Israel Matseke-Zulu and Presley Chweneyagae visited Alexandra today where they donated food and COVID19 essentials to the community including the victims of the recent fire in the township.

The two said their efforts were in response to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s call for all of us to do our bit to help alleviate the impact of the Coronavirus especially on the poorest of the poor.

“I was touched when I arrived here. There is poverty written all over the faces of the poor especially women and children. The impact of this virus will be even bigger on our poor than those with money. That is what informed our response, to come here. Its a double impact for the victims this time when not only do they have to deal with the problem of homelessness caused by the fire, but COVID19 which government call on all of us to stay at home. Where will they stay? If they do manage to rebuild what would they eat. Its gonna be difficult,” said GP-MaOrange who was born in Alexandra.

The pair were joined and supported by the Southern Africa Youth Movement (SAYM) which helped identify some of the needy across the country.

“The youth are equally affected by the impact of Coronavirus. Already they were affected by unemployment and inherent poverty from their homes. Most of them are not in school because of other underlying social injustices. It is for this reason we work with and for the youth to ensure the message reach the older generation their parents. Like with HIV/Aids they are impacted as they have to care for the sick elders in their homes. But they also need to edhere to basic hygiene to ensure they don’t catch it and infect others,” added Chweneyagae.

The two are planning to distribute the food parcels and COVID19 essentials to at least five provinces including Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape, Limpopo, Freestate and North West. Over and above what they have distributed today, they are planning to distribute seeds for farming, borehole for the villages where there is no water and other sustainable assistance which will help even beyond when the food is finished.

“We are excited to work with the two and are looking at inspiring other celebrities to join in especially in the other provinces outside Gauteng, to ensure they lead efforts to help curb the spread of Coronavirus. We support the ideas of GP-MaOrange and Presley of ensuring sustainability to the poverty-stricken communities targeted to ensure that food production continues even beyond this trying times and donate seeds, boreholes and water tanks,” said Muzwakhe Sigudla from SAYM.

GP-Maorange and Chweneyagae say their next stop is Mpumalanga, but the aim is to reach every corner in the country.

“We will go around to amplify government basic message that people must practice basic hygiene – wash your hands regularly with soap, sanitize, observe social distancing, Stay at home. This Coronavirus doesn’t move, it has no legs or wheels. We the people assist it to move around by moving around,” added GP-MaOrange.

For more information and interviews kindly contact:
Boikhutso Masipa on 0818451153
Muzwakhe Sigudla on 083266412

SAYM Covid-19 Initiative

Covid-19 Updates

SAYM Covid-19 Initiative

Support for Emergency COVID – 19 SAYM initiative Introduction Covid-19 is an outbreak which began in early December 2019 and on 30th January 2020, the World Health Organisation declared the Covid-19 outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. On the same day, the South African Government activated the Emergency Operations Centre, located at the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD).

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the National State of Disaster on 15th March 2020 that concern all government departments and their responsibilities to curb the spread of Covid-19 Support There is a need to provide adequate and appropriate treatment at this level. Treatment may include the need for both psychotherapy and medication. Innovative means to provide Sanitisers, Masks, Gloves and Food parcels to the vulnerable families during the Lockdown period. The family of affected individuals will also need to be provided with support and counselling. Request for donation SAYM is playing a vital role in assisting to curb the pandemic and flatten the curve.

Your Donations in form of Money, Supplies and Food parcels are welcome and will assist in solving this problem. Your donation will have an impact on the vulnerable communities and will be used to purchase food parcels, sanitisers, masks and gloves which will be provided to the Vulnerable Communities Nationally during the Locked down Period.

For supplies and food parcel donations, please contact the undersigned on 071 674 3186 Monetary donations must be deposited to the following bank details:

Account Holder: Southern African Youth Movement (SAYM)
Account Number: 62704380039
Branch Code: 250655
Reference: COVID – 19