Southern African Youth Movement (SAYM) is non-profit organisation registered under the NPO Act of 1997 which is envisioned to be a leading provider of high-quality youth development programs that are accredited based on international best practice and focused on getting the untapped talents of young people to be uncovered and used in the economic development of the country and the SADC region thus expanding a world of possibilities for young people.


Southern African Youth Movement's (SAYM) mission is to be a youth development centre that provides high-quality accredited training and to serve as:

  • An applied research resource and information provider for the education and training community;
  • A leading contributor to professionalism in skills development of the previously disadvantaged young people, enabling them to contribute in playing a meaningful role in the reconstruction of South Africa and the SADC region; and
  • A significant role player in meeting the human resource needs for social development and economic growth, that distinguishes itself by giving individualized instruction to connect to each youth particular level of development and matching its training with the learner’s unique gifts and talents.


Southern African Youth Movement enshrines itself in the following core values:

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Empathy
  • Confidentiality
  • Commitment


Southern African Youth Movement (SAYM) is registered with the Department of Social Development with registration number 029 - 624 – NPO and is registered as a public benefit organisation with SARS.


Southern African Youth Movement (SAYM) is primarily accredited by ETDP SETA with accreditation number ETDP10869. The organisation is currently pursuing secondary programme approval from LGSETA, AgriSETA, ConstructionSETA, TransportSETA, Services SETA and ISETA.

SAYM is registered with SARS with:

  • Income Tax Registration number: 9044624188
  • VAT: 463028139
  • PAYEE: 7950765828
  • UIF: U950765828
  • The organisation is rated Level 4 BEE Status.


SAYM specialises in the following programs:

  • Youth Development accredited and non-accredited training
  • Youth Development through capacity building of youth organisations
  • Implementation of Public Employment Programs
  • Support young people in agriculture and agribusiness
  • Civic participation and pro-youth policies advocacy
  • Research and development
  • Young people and gender empowerment


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