Water and Sanitation

Civil Participation


Environmental Sustainability Unit

The Environmental Sustainability Unit developed climate smart tool kits being used in several African countries to implement low investment and high impact community projects. SAYM selected four countries (i.e. South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Swaziland) as pilot grounds for the tool kits. In South Africa, we implemented action research through our CWP waste management activities to develop projects and capacity building tool kits that help communities and institutions realise the government aspirations enshrined in the Good Green Deed Programme, Nationally Determined Contributions, Green Fund and the Green Transition Policy among other programmes of government. In Zimbabwe, the model project being implemented under host organisation; Zimbabwe Sunshine Group, and was funded by the German Embassy and UNDP with other countries getting support from their governments.

Strategic Interventions:
– Climate Smart Interventions
– Integrated Solid Waste Management & Recycling
– Aeroponics
– Air and water quality studies
– Regional climate change conferences

SAYM specialises in the following programs:

  • Youth Development accredited and non-accredited training
  • Youth Development through capacity building of youth organisations
  • Implementation of public employment programs
  • Supporting young people and pro-youth policies advocacy
  • Research and development
  • Young people and gender empowerment