SAYM Programs


Integrated Drug and substance abuse

  • Rehab Centre ( Nelspriut)
  • Ke Bosso without drugs
  • Youth against drinking and driving
  • Inpatient & Outpatient programs

Arts and Culture programs

  • Taking back the future
  • Poetry arts programs
  • Community heritage programs
  • Training and community organisation

Civil participation

  • Monitoring of elections
  • Voter education
  • Lobbing and advocacy for youth participation
  • Discussions and debates

Water and sanitation

  • Drilling of boreholes
  • Hygiene user owner program
  • Construction of toilets
  •  Fix water leakage

Community infrastructure programs

  • Stabilization of rural road programs
  • Road signage and road markings
  • Low cost housing construction


  • Vegetable production
  • Small stock production
  • Agriculture on the job training
  • Water use
  • Soil management